16 Mile Taphouse Opens in Newark, DE; Replaces The Stone Balloon Winehouse

In the space formerly occupied by The Stone Balloon Winehouse, 16 Mile Taphouse has planted roots with an impressive craft beer menu, making it a premier beer destination in northern Delaware. Naturally, the beer list includes all of the available varieties from 16 Mile Brewery including the Amber Sun Ale, Old Court Ale, Inlet India Pale Ale, Blues’ Golden Ale, Peter’s Deptford Addiction, Long Ben E.S.B., and Responders Ale.

16-mile-taphouse-barDuring the conversion from The Stone Balloon Winehouse, the bar was overhauled to include a new 20-tap draft beer system. I was hoping for a little more variety with a few guest beers on draft, but I’m told the only beers on tap will be the 16 Mile brews.

The beer menu also features over 100 bottled and canned varieties, including a few ciders, and even Crabbies Ginger Beer.

Photo: The Stone Balloon Winehouse Facebook Page

Have you been to 16 Mile Taphouse? How’s the beer? How’s the food? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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