Dogfish Head Leads The List Of America's Top Craft Breweries

When you think about craft beer, big names like Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, or New Belgium likely come to mind. published their list of the top 15 craft beer breweries, and, to no one’s surprise, each of those previously mentioned breweries were also on the list.

There were also 12 other breweries on the list. Some with only regional distribution, so the names might not be as familiar to you. Or, even better, maybe these top craft brews are available to you, but were previously undiscovered during your beer shelf browsing as you search only for your trusted varieties. Fear not, friend, as this list is sure to please. If you can find any of these in your local market, pick up a sixer.

Top 15 Craft Breweries In The USA

  1. Dogfish Head, Milton, DE
  2. Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, CA
  3. Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO
  4. Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI
  5. Cigar City Brewing Company, Tampa, FL
  6. New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO
  7. Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA
  8. Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI
  9. Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA
  10. Sierra Nevada, Chico, CA
  11. Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO
  12. Three Floyds Brewing Company, Munster, IN
  13. Avery Brewing Company, Boulder CO
  14. Oskar Blues, Lyons, CO
  15. Rogue Ales, Portland, OR

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