The Duck Rabbit Milk Stout - Tasting Notes

The Duck Rabbit is a small craft brewery in Farmville, NC, which is in eastern North Carolina, about an hour drive east from Raleigh.

The Milk Stout from The Duck Rabbit definitely uses a heavily roasted grain. The dominate taste is a rich and distinct roasted flavor, but its not at all burned or scorched tasting. Meanwhile, the mouth feel is smooth and light. These beers slide right down. This is one of those stouts that will surprise those who say they don’t like dark beers.

duck-rabbit-milk-stout-in-glassInterestingly, there is a light syrupy sweetness to the beer. I’m guessing this is due to the lactose (milk sugar) that’s introduced during the brewing process.

The Milk Stout pours easily and is not overly carbonated. But, still, there’s plenty of carbonation to please the tongue. When poured steadily into my glass, a very small and lightly colored head developed. This head almost completely disappeared within 60 seconds.

I enjoyed my first Milk Stout with a bowl of slightly overly-salted popcorn, which I thought was a pretty nice complement to the dark stout. I picked up The Duck Rabbit at my local grocery store (in Roanoke, VA), and at $8.99 per sixer, I’ll probably pick up one of these again.

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